“Hey why not?” I think that is my favourite sentence. Well, whenever there’s a crazy idea spooking around, my brain often wants to say NO or makes up tons of excuses that eventually lead to a NO later on. But every time I give that little muscle a tiny push and use “Hey why not?” instead, things turn out differently and I end up at places I would have never imagined: Sitting in a meeting room with the creators of the Simpsons and talking about future collaborations, or putting together a festival for the world's best dish Spaghetti Bolognese (so good, right?!) with an exhibition of Bolo-Posters created by 31 famous artists from all around the world, or even: organizing a Jazz & Blues Festival with my best friend Janine in the middle of the forest with a real (“yes Mom, it needs to be a real one”) piano between the trees and bands from New Orleans and all of that on the Bözberg!! (That’s where I grew up and where there’s definitely “Tote Hose” (that’s how we say in Swiss German, when there’s not even tumbleweed choosing its way through that tiny village, because there’s really nothing going on there.)

Besides that sentence I am really just one of those many designers. I work like everyone else, I learn new things, I know some programs, I don’t know enough, I struggle, I get inspired, I get stuck and I even suck sometimes and sometimes I succeed.

BUT! I really never want my work to get boring and that’s why I aim for stupid, amazing, bad, crazy, genius, random (call it how you want) ideas and then never say NO to them but say “hey why not”. And. make. it. work. Because – hey, why not!?

My name is Katrin von Niederhäusern, I’m a designer and illustrator from Switzerland, living in Zurich. If you google me, you will also find some work made by Cindy Winkelried. I think that’s my alter ego? Or just a name a friend gave me some years ago and she’s really good at spreading nicknames and so some people just call me Cindy instead of Katrin and I am not even sure if I like it.

Back to the important: I am a Designer, Art Director, Graphic Designer? Those are all different titles trying to put a whole profession with so many different aspects into a single word. But exactly those different aspects is why I love what I do: Helping brands to get a visual identity and get their ideas spread through the world. Using illustration, imagery or video production to create a world for them. Playing with humor and no-goes to make people smile. Creating Moments and Events to get people excited. Or even just making side projects that turn into a viral video. hihi

Right now, me and my two good friends Dominique and Nikolaj are about to found a creative studio called Studio Pronto. (Follow us on instagram for entertainment and good food). So now we are three people who will say “Hey why not?”... let’s see what that will bring.

I worked at companies like Hello Monday (where I found the sweetest people who I call my mentors, even though they might not even know <3 ), Achos and Wirz and worked for clients such as Google Research, Youtube, Youtube Kids, IKEA, LG, Vice, Zurich Tourism, SRF, IKEA, and many more.