My name is Katrin von Niederhäusern. I’m a designer and illustrator from Switzerland, living in Stockholm. Working is not only a job, but a hobby and a passion. That’s why my friends always see me doing a project out of everything, even if it’s 4 weeks of travelling through the states and combining it with Lindy Hop. For me the most important in life is to love what I do and to be surrounded by inspiring people. I get my motivation and inspiration from ​the things I am most passionate about, like music, concerts, cheese and burgers, old cars, ping pong, swing dance or my friends. It often happens, that a friend recognizes himself or a tiny detail in an artwork I did and then we laugh together. That’s when I like my job the most.

I am always looking for cool and adventurous people, clients or designers to do a project with. I would love to work together with great musicians or even directors like Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino. My childhood dream is to help write a Simpsons episode and do a custom intro for it with my illustrations. Fun Fact: because of my passion for swiss cheese, I once cut myself in the finger so badly, that I had to go to the emergency room.

I studied graphic design and have a background in advertising. Developing surprising concepts is my favourite part of the job. My executions are made with love for details and with the goal to make people smile. I am passionate about combining areas such as illustration, film, animation and interactive experiences to get the most out of an idea.

From 2010 to 2015 I worked at the awesome agency Wirz Werbung in Zurich, where I met a lot of inspiring people, from whom I learned a lot. There I developed my skills in design and managing different projects (such as film, print, digital), from coming up with a concept to its final execution and supervision. Besides working with nice clients such as Ikea, Zurich Tourismus, Migros and many more, I think the biggest outcome is that I learned to work fucking fast and hardcore, since it was advertising — and I actually like it ;)

Another of my biggest passions is illustration. I accept projects when I have spare time or if the brief is just brilliant. The Gonzo Club is my all time favourite client because they give me total creative freedom which resulted in a few national and international awards.

Currently I’m studying Interactive Art Direction at Hyper Island in Stockholm where I am developing my skills as an Art Director and learning about new technologies and methods to push my projects to the next level.