For the «Gonzo Club» in Zurich, Switzerland I designed a poster every month, which they past at the entrance-door of the club. I did that for almost 3 years, that makes about 30 posters.


I love doing custom illustrations on leather jackets. Write me an email if you are interested in getting a custom design just for you.

Hive Club Fridges

For the «Hive Club» in Zurich, Switzerland I did two illustrations for two fridges. It’s such a good club, that you could dance there the whole night. For that, you feel like an old man/woman, when you leave the club in the early morning.

Gonzo Club Member Cards

For the «Gonzo Club» in Zurich, I designed special member cards. The patches were build out of either jeans or leather and the design was screen printed. Every month a new one. People could collect them, and if they sewed it on their jackets, they could entrance the club for free.