I wanted to work for Action Bronson

To reach him I created a special business card that leads him to the following website: iwannaworkforactionbronson.com

Special Thanks

Sebastian Degenhart, Camera & Direction


Helloyoungcreatives, Businesspunk, Blogbuzzter, 
Blick, Werbewoche, Persoenlich

Haters Journal

The Haters Journal is a statement about receiving hate nowadays. We see hate messages as an award. We create art out of it and put it on our walls. Visit Website


David Anastácio & Katrin von Niederhäusern


It takes courage to create something that everyone likes, but it takes even more to create something that challenges the norm.

Gonzo Poster Exhibition

I had special frames for the exhibition of my artwork for the Gonzo Club: badass men! I adapted this concept for the online invitation for the event. Visit Website

My Role

Concept, Illustration, Animation & Art Direction

Special Thanks

Lukas von Niederhäusern (web development), Lukas Lienhard (photography) and all my amazing cool friends!

Visual support for an article in the Vice Magazine

"How it is to be in a relationship with a prostitute.“ An article about a topic that is quite tabu in Swiss society.

My Role

Concept, Illustration & Art Direction


Image Ideas without showing the people.

For The Future

I would do animated gifs out of these illus.

The Human Voice Initiative

I created a website for a company, that combines theaters and performance art with political and social issues.

My Role

Webdesign & Art Direction

About the Project

A Hyper Island Student Project 2015

Special Thanks

To David Anastácio, a great team member

Zurich Tourism Movie Poster

Zurich is not well known for its wild side. To promote this part of the city, a discrete concierge is showing it in 5 movieclips. I did a poster for each one.

My Role

Poster Design, Art Direction & Print Production


Midnight Snack, Christmas Love, Foxy Girls

Nice To Know

The client didn't know about the poster until the end.

A branding project for a swiss bicycle store

I created an identity with an authentic mood for the Cycle Store in Zurich which is a store, a coffeeshop and a club.

My Role

Concept, Art Direction & Graphic Design

Special Thanks

Photography by
 Erwin auf der Maur

Favourite Task

Choosing the Pantone colour for the identity